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Cheaps music is a library. We put here the works of two friends. They started collaborating in 1981. Some productions are therefore prehistoric. Real sounds guaranteed!



Jean-Bruno @ redb
founder of cheapsmusic
A classical training at the conservatory, a curiosity for pop from the age of 9, a mania for spending the pancakes available on the Lenco plate of his parents, then jazz, rock, and begin electronic music on one of the first Yamaha organs… He touches everything, he is also a graphic designer.
Pop Rock 10%
Electro 40%
Morna, Coladeira, Batuque 20%
Techno 20%

Jean-Sebastien @ puico
co-founder of cheapsmusic
A classical training at the conservatory, an early attraction for rock’n roll, funk, heavy metal and finally electro. Jean-Sebastien and a talented artist: passionate about pin-ups and mechanics, he is an excellent illustrator and has published two novels as an author.
Funk 30%
Soul 30%
Rock 10%
Electro 30%

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